Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Vincent Van Joe

Joe has been quite prolific in the art department lately. Inspired by his sister's "Captin Zip"* comic book series, he's written and illustrated one of his own called "John Destroyer". Yesterday during Bible time, he grabbed a sheet of paper and began drawing a picture of the Bible lesson, on Adam and Eve. Please excuse the graphic nature of this illustration ... we ended on the "and they were naked and not ashamed" part.

Adam, Eve, and a bear. Judging by Eve's hair, it's apparently very windy in Eden.
We also read the first two chapters in Genesis, which inspired this picture ...

And then we read a chapter of Mr. Popper's Penguins by Florence Atwater, which inspired this drawing ...

I think I'll save them and sell them someday for millions.

*Yes, I know that "Captain" is misspelled, but when corrected, Kaity says, "That's the way I spell it." I'll be contacting Webster to let them know it needs to be changed.

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Anonymous said...

get them to correct enviroment, too! lol