Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Of Foyers and Cheesecake

The one place in the house I was dreading painting had to be the foyer with its tall, tall walls. I don't mind shimmying up a ladder to paint, but the thought of a ladder on those stairs did not excite me at all. Thankfully, while our friend Kim was over one day a thought hit me. Her step-dad, Jorge, does some construction work and is always working on handyman projects around their home, too. I asked if he'd be willing and what would he charge. Kim said she'd find out! As it turns out, he graciously offered to do it for the price of lunch. As much as I wanted to cook him something (like his favorite dessert, flan), lunch had to come from a restaurant - since I still don't have oven racks! I did, however, find and prepare a no-bake cheesecake recipe that turned out to be divine! A cinnamon graham cracker crumble combined with tangy cheesecake and dulce de leche ... yep, heavenly. Jeff has already asked me twice to make it again.

Here are the before pictures:

And the after! We used a combination of the dark gray from the living room and the green from the bedroom. (Worn & Weathered Tin + Thames Fog - don't you just love paint names?)

Jorge did such a great job and we're very thankful for it! I need to make him something else when I finally get my oven going ...
See my "Georgia" maps up on the wall? I love 'em!
I still haven't painted the trim in any of the house yet. I've been trying to unpack, grocery shop, cook with only a stovetop and one skillet, go to co-op and piano lessons, attend church, do laundry, clean house, organize the chaos ... you get the picture.

I'm not quite done with this area yet, but I love the red and white shelf with my Beetle drawing and the gray wall!