Saturday, October 23, 2010

Good News/Bad News

The good news is, Jeff worked this past Monday, is working today, and works this Monday. The bad news is, Jeff worked this past Monday, etc. It'll be nice to have the money, but we miss him when he's not home.

Last night we had movie night, watching The Glenn Miller Story. The kids are very familiar with his music but have never seen the movie. Glenn Miller goes way back with us -- in fact, we'd been dating about 2 months when I gave Jeff tickets to the see the Glenn Miller Orchestra at the Imperial Theatre in Augusta for his 19th birthday. It was a great date that we still reminisce about. We saw them again a couple of years later at the Civic Center, shortly after Kaity was born. Joe requested Hot Cocoa while we watched the movie, so I made a batch.

Today the kids have spent most of the morning playing on the Wii, with Wii Sports. Selah is currently napping. I've had two cups of coffee. Life is good. :)

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