Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nobody is a secret agent- chapter 4, part three

Nobody's a Secret Agent - Chapter 4, Part 3
by Kaity Pittard, Extraordinaire 

They entered the tube room. Jessica checked where they were on the map she found in her locker. Jessica looked around her. It was a large room and empty, except for the people in it. The walls were the extraordinary part. They were covered in large circle patterns. They were in a two rows all around the room, one above the other. They alternated and the higher ones had ladders coming down in between the lower ones. Every circle was about three or four feet in diameter. They were all labeled with a name of a place. They were blue and slid open when Jessica went near, revealing a tube that curved out of sight. They were just like the tube in Jessica's room leading to the agency. Jessica looked around at the labels. She had to be careful because agents sometimes came out of the tubes. Alice told her that if the light was red there was an agent in the tube, if not, it was green. 
    "Come on Jessica, I want to show you some more!"
    "Coming Alice!" Before Jessica could figure out what had happened she was pulled backwards through a tube. Jessica just got a glimpse of the label Washington DC before she was completely in the tube.
Jessica looked up. The Washington monument was in the distance. Oh boy. Jessica thought. Alice jumped out of the tube. 
     "Guess we are seeing DC first."
    " It was an accident, I need to get home!"
    " Alright, let's go!" Alice spoke to her watch. "Call Mr. Awesome" Peter's face popped up on her watch.
    "Yes agent cherry?"
    " Open DC return tube." The tube entrance opened up.
    "If you haven't guessed, we have to call back to open tubes so other people don't find it." Back at the agency Jessica ran back to the computer room and through the tube to her room. She ran outside where she found Kyle.
    "Where were you hiding? I said I give up!"
    "I'll never tell! I found the perfect place!

Chapter 5 explains why the book is called Nobody is a Secret Agent!
Coming Soon

I'm So Hilarious

Some time back, I started scrolling lazily through Jeff's text message inbox. It wasn't long before we were both laughing at reading the messages out of context, since we could only see the messages received and not his replies. It started me thinking that I should do a blog post sharing these little gems with the three of you that see this blog. After all, one purpose of this blog is to provide me with entertainment and I'm easily amused. Without further adieu, here is the first installment of ...

Ridiculous Out of Context Text Messages I Have Sent Or Received

"Get away from my water! Um, I mean, hello."

"How do Mexicans cut their pizza?" // "Little Caesar's!"

"I went for a run but came back after two minutes because I forgot something. I forgot I'm out of shape and can't run for more than two minutes."


"Nah, can't be bothered."

"Selah held up two stuffed cats and said, 'It's Mommy and Daddy!' Then she touched their noses together and said, 'Mmmuu - ah!'"


On another note, Baby Pittard is doing great! Fourteen weeks old and his/her little heart is thumping away like crazy. We'll go for THE ultrasound February 25th.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Nobody is a secret agent- chapter 4, part 2

Nobody's a Secret Agent - Chapter 4, Part 2
by Kaity Pittard, Extraordinaire 

When she got out of the tube, Peter was in the computer room. So were several agents, none that Jessica knew. Peter saw her and walked over.
    "Hello Jessica, go open your locker. I put your vest in it." Jessica went to the locker room and said her name to it. Not just her vest was in it, she pulled out a note first, she read it:

Dear new agent,
We are glad you are an agent! You will soon start real missions. Feel free to explore the equipment in your locker. If you have any questions, ask Julie, Peter or another agent.
                                            agent Dolphin 
                       (I am in charge of writing welcome notes.)

Jessica put the note back in the locker. There was a booklet about how to use the equipment and watch. She pulled out her vest next. It was tan with green pockets to match her watch. In the bottom of the locker were some drawers. The drawers held Jessica's equipment. Jessica examined it. Every thing was green and silver. There was a small flashlight, a tiny camera, a voice recorder, a double sided screwdrivers, a small trowel, a magnifying glass, mini binoculars, pepper spray, a mirror and a small pocket knife. As she put it back in the drawers, Peter walked up.
    "Hello Jessica. There is a piece of equipment I forgot to give you. He handed her a grappling hook. The chain was concealed in a tube about a foot long with a handle. Peter showed her how it worked. One button made it shoot out, the other retracted it. She put it in her locker. She put all her equipment in  her vest. Alice walked up behind her.
    " Do you want me to show you the tube room?"
    "Sure, great!" said Jessica.

Part 3 is up next! 
coming soon

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Selah found some star-shaped Post-It notes the other day ...

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Nobody is a Secret Agent Chapter 4 Part 1

Nobody's a Secret Agent - Chapter 4, Part 1
by Kaity Pittard, Extraordinaire 

Jessica woke up. It was the next morning and the first thing she thought about was when Julie and Peter would call her. As she got up and ate breakfast (while reading) she forgot about the agency. She couldn't forget about that long though, and she kept anticipating the call from the agency.
She wondered what missions would be like. Then she remembered, she could ask Alice! She made sure that her mom was out of hearing range, then she called.
    "Cherry" Alice's face appeared on the small video screen.
    "Hi Jessica! What's up?"
    "I just wanted to know what missions are like."
    "Well, you are paired up with an adult, the missions are things that help the police like finding criminals and returning stolen things."
    "Oh, my mom is coming back!"
    "Bye, Jessica!" Jessica put the watch down just in time as her Mom walked in. She started to load the dishwasher. Jessica sneaked out to her room to avoid getting chores. She couldn't wait for Julie and Peter to call! Maybe it will be easier to wait if I do something else. She read her Greek Myths book and watched TV. After lunch she played outside with Kyle. They went to their secret hide out in the woods. After that they played hide and seek. Kyle was counting and Jessica had used all the good hiding spots. Then her watch beeped, yes!, she thought. She talked to Peter and then she thought of the perfect hiding place! The Agency! She sneaked in to the house and up the stairs to her room. She pushed aside her dresser and slid through the tube.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Nobody is a Secret Agent, Chapter 3, part 2

Nobody's a Secret Agent - Chapter 3, Part 2
by Kaity Pittard, Extraordinaire 

Jessica left and went to the computer room. She found the door labeled locker room and went inside. The walls were covered in blue lockers. There were several people in the room. A girl saw her and walked over. Jessica didn't notice, because she was too busy looking for locker 38. 
    "Hello, are you a new agent?"
    "Yes, actually, you surprised me a little when you walked up, I didn't hear you."
    "Agent training helps you sneak up quietly, not that I was trying to."
    "Can you help me find locker 38?" 
    "Yeah, it's over here."
    "Thanks, uh, what's your name?"
    " That's my code name. We're not supposed to share first names because then someone could break into your locker, but I'll tell you anyway, my name is Alice. What's your code name?"
    "I don't have one yet."
    "That's okay, you'll get one. You  should start thinking of one now. Hey, what color is your watch?"
    "It's green."
    "Mine is blue." Both girls showed each other their watches. Alice's watch was sky blue and silver. 
    "How do I call you if you don't have a code name?" said Alice.
    "I don't know. I'll just call you instead." Alice had to leave and Jessica set the name on her locker. Alice had light blond hair and bright green eyes. she looked older than Jessica, maybe 14. Jessica gave the remote back to Peter and went back to her tube to her house. After doing some chores, she sat on the couch to watch TV.
(you hope, bwaa ha ha)

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Long Delayed Update

Although I've made our announcement "Facebook official", I realize I haven't updated the blog, so ...


Our family is humbled and blessed by the new little addition! We are due July 24, so I will be twelve weeks on Wednesday. I felt great at first but right after Thanksgiving I learned what morning sickness is! It has been literally all day, every day, all night, every night. Medication and home remedies haven't touched it, unfortunately. I have had maybe 3-4 good days with no nausea during this time. Thankfully Jeff had some time off during the holidays and was an amazing help to me! It's been tough on him, too because while I was dealing with pregnancy issues, a six-week long cold and then bronchitis, he came down with the flu, then pneumonia! Kaity joined him a week later. Thankfully Joe and Selah have avoided serious illness. 

So, I haven't posted in a while mainly because of illnesses and busyness, but also because several keys on our laptop quit working! A friend showed Jeff how to find the onscreen keyboard and that is what we've been using. It's a point and click interface which makes for very slow going, though, so I'm really just avoiding typing as much as possible! (We're missing I, J, K, M, comma, and spacebar.)

I feel like this post has a lot of negative news along with our wonderful news, but that's the way life is sometimes! We have had lots of beautiful, providential blessings happen lately, too and I can't wait to share them soon!

Monday, January 07, 2013

Nobody's a Secret Agent - Chap. 3, Part 1

Nobody's a Secret Agent - Chapter 3, Part 1
by Kaity Pittard, Extraordinaire 
Jessica hurried with breakfast. When her Mom left the room, she answered Peter's call.
    "Jessica, please come as soon as you can so we can measure you for your vest and watch."
    " Is it really necessary to measure me? Can't you get a size 12 or something?"
    "Well, no not really, the vests are custom made."
    " Okay, I will be there when I am sure my Mom won't need me." She quickly ended the call because her Mom was walking in the kitchen. She ran upstairs to get dressed. When her Mom told her she was going to get a shower, Jessica took it as the perfect opportunity and ran upstairs. Hoping Kyle would not come in, Jessica shoved her dresser aside and leaped in the tube. She slid through and flew through door in to the computer room. There were two people in the room. Two guys who were both on the computers. A women walked in and saw Jessica. she called Julie in from the room she had just left.
    "Ah, there you are Jessica, come with me" said Julie. Julie took Jessica to a room labeled  'storage'. Every wall  was lined with shelves and every shelf was lined with labeled boxes. Julie pulled a tape measure out of a box. She began to take her measurements. When she had finished she wrote them down on a note pad and put the tape measure away. 
    "The vest has to fit snugly so it does not fall off. When you grow more you get another vest. The first vest is free." Julie looked in a box and fished around in it before pulling out a green and silver watch. Julie took back the white watch and put it in a box. 
    "Now you can check out your locker before tomorrow. You have time right?"
    "Yeah, I have time... uh, I have a locker?"
    "Yes, you have a locker. Every agent has one to keep their vest and equipment in. To call people with the watch, hold down this button and say the persons code name."
    "Oh, I get it, like this." Jessica held down the button and said "Star". Julie's watch beeped. Julie's watch was gold and white.
    "Yes Jessica, exactly like that." Julie gave Jessica a small remote with one button.
     "What is this for?" asked Jessica. 
    "You go to locker 38, hold down the button and say Jessica . The locker is voice activated. You don't do it with the remote every time, just the first time so the machine remembers it."
    "Cool!" said Jessica. 
    "To get there you leave this room and find the door in the computer room labeled 'Locker Room'."

(maybe, bwaa ha ha!)