Thursday, October 21, 2010

Double Digit Midget

My little Kaity Grace is ten now ... and it seems like yesterday that she arrived! From that tiny little baby to a girl who can clean the bathroom and does her own laundry. What a difference ten years makes!

We spent the weekend with my parents, and they helped make Kaity's birthday really special. Unfortunately Baba had to work all weekend, but we did get to see him Friday and Saturday nights. Friday night after we arrived, we had chocolate birthday cake, which the kids also had for breakfast. :) Kaity got to open her presents from Grammie and Baba and she was so excited to get an American Girl Just Like Me doll. Grammie also got a soccer outfit for "Ally Kate". Kaity named her doll by combining Grammie and Baba's middle names -- Allen and Lynnette. Saturday morning we girls went to get manicures and pedicures -- Selah just watched from her stroller. I could have taken a nap during my pedicure! It was very nice. We also went shopping at Bath and Body Works so I could get Kaity her present from Mommy and Daddy. She picked out a sweet vanilla-strawberry scent. The guys went to the Boshears SkyFest in Augusta for the day and really enjoyed themselves. 

Saturday night Mom, Kaity, Selah and I went to a Chris Tomlin concert. He sang all our favorites. It was wonderful!
Ally Kate has pierced ears and glasses just like Kaity!

Selah slept through the entire concert. Don't tell Chris.

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