Friday, October 08, 2010

Ordinary Day

Just a regular Friday here ... We went grocery shopping this morning, and my friend Kim came along. She's learning to cook and she sent me a text message last week asking for a new recipe to try. Knowing her tastes, I suggested corn chowder, and she loved the idea. So, she came home with us after shopping and we made it together. The kids had a snack and went outside to play with the neighbors, who are apparently out of school for the day. Selah had a delicious lunch of avocado, peaches, whole wheat bread and tiny cheese cubes. That apparently gave her the energy for her excitement of the afternoon ...
Climbing on a box! She and Mommy played a fun game where Baby would climb on the box of Kaity's school books, get stuck and start to cry. Mommy would rescue Baby, and Baby would immediately climb back onto the box.

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