Saturday, October 09, 2010

Extraordinary Day

This morning, I packed up a picnic lunch for all of us and we headed up to the mountains of north Georgia! We went straight up to the Hillside Orchard Country Store, where we'd never been before. It was a really neat place, pretty typical of other places you'd find in the mountains, and the whole family enjoyed it. Kaity had a little birthday money that she used to buy candy for herself and Joe, a coloring book, and a soccerball shaped picture frame -- so she could frame a picture of the two of them in their new soccer uniforms. Jeff and I got apples and pumpkins. I can't wait to make stuff with 'em!

We left the store and went to find a spot for a picnic. Jeff's internal GPS led us to a great picnic spot in the Chatahoochee National Forest. The wooden picnic table was positioned right by Lake Rabun, complete with ducks and water shallow enough to see the fish swimming. After everyone had eaten, the kids went wading for a bit and then collected pinecones.

On the way home, we stopped at a little pottery store that had some absolutely gorgeous pieces! There was a young man sitting at a pottery wheel throwing a pot. Joe was completely fascinated by the process, even asking the man questions about what he was doing! We finally had to pull him away to leave. I loved seeing him so absorbed in something! We didn't buy anything today, though I'm definitely adding Hickory Flat Pottery to my wish list.

The day's excitement continued when we got home ... After Jeff mowed the grass, he and Joe went on a bike ride and Joe took a pretty big fall. He started to lose control of his bike and tried to steer onto the grass. Unfortunately, instead of a shallow ditch, it turned out to be a big hole for a drainage pipe! Jeff was about 100 feet behind him and he described it as Joe losing control, then -- shoop! -- disappearing!  Poor Jeff's heart stopped as he raced ahead to check on the boy. Turns out he got off pretty easily. A bump and a few scrapes on the forehead along with a sore right wrist were all the injury he sustained. After Nurse Mommy washed him up and iced his forehead he was back to normal.

Kaity made her own dinner ... angel hair pasta with Parmesan cheese.

Selah started really, truly, all the time ... crawling on her knees. She's been just doing the combat crawl or scootching forward on her knees, but tonight she was all over the place crawling!

Also, I made some awesome Mini Sweet Potato Muffins. They're from Taste of Home. They almost make up for the fact that I didn't have good batteries for the camera today ... which is why you don't have any pictures to see. *sigh*

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