Friday, July 01, 2016

I Like The Brown

Here is our house ...looking pretty much the same as when we moved in. We knew the house needed paint and we discussed for a long time what colors we'd use. Jeff, of course, wanted brown. We actually began the project last fall, but monsoon season hit, then the cold weather, then pollen season ... yadayadayada. But we finally started back up and now we're done enough that I'm ready to post about it!

The dogs that the previous homeowners had really did a number on the front door (not to mention the inside damage!).

That combined with the moisture rotting out the wood made for an ugly entryway.

After Jeff pressure-washed the siding and shutters, I clambered up the ladder and got to work!

Prepping the stairs required lots of sanding - but we had lots of help, too!
You know my favorite adage: "There is no job so difficult that it can't be made more difficult with the help of a toddler." This job was no exception. Once I'd gotten two beautiful coats of paint on the front door, Little Miss here decided to sand it again when our backs were turned. Grr. I told myself it needed three coats anyway.

Kaity helped, too.
Anyway, here it is! I'll remind you of the BEFORE ...

Complete with our little brown kitty, Hershey, to match the house.
Naturally there are things we'd still like to do, such as refinishing the outside lighting and replacing the garage doors (the left side is broken).

I fought against the red front door for a while, having had one at our old house, and it just seems cliche. Ultimately, though, we decided that red just suits me and brown suits Jeff and we may as well go with it!

And here's a bonus picture of Hershey, showing you how much she likes the transformation!