Sunday, March 31, 2013

Nobody is a Secret Agent, Chapter 7, part 2

Nobody is a Secret Agent, chapter 7, part 2
By Kaity Pittard, Extraordinaire
They seemed to be in a downtown area. It was raining and very gloomy. No one else was around. Across the street was a bakery. Tiger pulled an umbrella out of a vest pocket and handed it to her.
    "I have a job for you, I will be in the area investigating, you will go to that bakery across the street and pretend to buy something. You see, the reason we're here is because there was a ruby stolen from a museum and according to our sources, it is hidden in or near that bakery! You will act as a customer, but really be trying to get a clue as to where the gem might be hidden." She handed Jessica 10 dollars. The tube had let out in an alleyway under an awning, and now Jessica went across the street, clutching the umbrella, her first real challenge ahead of her.
    As she entered the building, she immediately started glance around, looking for clues. She noticed a stand in the middle of the floor, displaying gingerbread men. The walls had shelves, the shelves were stacked high with various baked goods. On the gingerbread men stand there was a padlocked door. A very likely place, it seemed very obvious though. She decided to look in other places first. Behind the counter maybe? People were back there all day. A college age blond girl sat behind the counter. Her name tag said Tara. She was on the phone talking.
    "I have to go Dad,  there's a customer!". She hung up the phone and set it down. She didn't seem like an accomplice in a crime. Jessica browsed around, picking up rolls and croissants, pretending to check the price labels, but really looking for a secret door behind them or anything else suspicious. She didn't find anything, so she checked out. She picked out a pretzel roll and two gingerbread men. The girl rang them up. 
    "$9.27," she said. Jessica handed her the bill and, attempting to sound casual said "Do you know what's in that door over there?"
    "No, want to see? I've never really known."
    "Sure." She pulled out a key and handed it to Jessica. Jessica walked over and put the key in the lock and turned it. The door swung open...
What is behind the door, 
Ruby or red herring?
Chapter 7 part 3 coming soon

Saturday, March 30, 2013

"Shoeless" Joe Pittard

After the opening ceremonies AND the first two games got called because of inclement weather, Joe finally had his first game Thursday night!

Before the big game!

Our little slugger, number 13!

He made it on base!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Nobody is a Secret Agent- chapter 7, part 1

Nobody is a secret agent- Chapter 7, Part 1
by Kaity Pittard,  Future Author

Jessica woke up the next morning feeling refreshed. Then she realized she had her first mission today! It had only been 4 days since all this started, but to Jessica, that night she had stood in her bare feet and PJ's talking to Julie and Peter seemed a long time ago.
    As she dragged herself from bed, her Mom called her downstairs.
    "Jessica, hurry up and get dressed and eat breakfast, we have to run errands." Jessica picked her jeans from yesterday out of the hamper and grabbed a t-shirt from her drawer. She pulled them on and went down stairs. She poured herself some cereal. As she was eating, Kyle came down. He peered into the box. Jessica had eaten the last of it.
    "You did that on purpose didn't you?" he said.
    "There's another box in the cabinet, " Jessica pointed out. Shortly, Kyle was eating. Whoops spoke too soon, eaten. Jessica noticed he was wearing his "Cereal Killer" t-shirt.
They stopped at the bank and returned some library books. After that they went to the grocery store. Mom gave Jessica permission to go to the card aisle to pick out a card for her best friend's birthday. As she went into it, the saw a blue light behind a display. A very familiar blue light. It was an agency tube. It was just closing up. She jumped through. She arrived at the agency, almost hitting the guy who had just come out. He must have jumped three feet in the air.
     "It's okay, I'm an agent, I didn't know there was a tube here I was checking it out!"
     " Oh, thank goodness, you nearly gave me a heart attack." He was still gasping for breath. "I'm agent Tron, you?"
     "Agent Nobody."
     " Hey, that's pretty funny!"
     "Thanks!" He had dark blond hair. It was short, but long enough to be messy, which it was. He had blue eyes. He wore a white t-shirt and light blue jeans with a stain on them. He was old enough to be her Dad. The agents had varying ages. According to Julie, The range was around 12-40. Speaking of Julie, Jessica found her and told her about agent Tron.
     "Well, I'm really glad you're an agent too! I have a mission for you. Agent Tiger will go with you on your missions. Agent Tiger, this is agent Nobody, she's the one you're doing missions with. A woman turned around and saw Jessica. She had long, shiny black hair and tan skin. She was tall and thin and had very bright blue eyes and really white teeth.
    "Hello! " she said.
    "She is 23 and has been with the agency four years," added Julie. "She will fill you in on the details, I'm sure." Tiger grabbed her arm and directed her to the tube room. They went to the tube labeled Alabama. A few minutes later, they exited the tube.

Part 2 coming soon
Getting exciting yet?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sweet Siblings

I love capturing moments between the kids that don't involve them fussing at one another! Selah and Joe were snuggled up in the recliner the other day and took some time out to pose for me.

And on a side note, our friend Kim brought over Baby Girl Pittard's first official presents! The outfits are all so tiny and adorable - I can't wait to see our little girl in them. (Selah, of course, thinks they're for her.)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Nobody is a Secret Agent- Chapter 6, part 2

Nobody is a Secret Agent, chapter 6, part 2
By Kaity Pittard, Book and Comic Strip Author

Previously: She had to retrieve a red flag with a blue star. Barely a few seconds before she left the tube, she was facing a room like no other.

Card board boxes, PVC pipes, potted plants and assorted things had built a maze. Jessica navigated the large room, hopping over plants and pipes at various levels. She saw lots of flags, none were red with a blue star. She saw them in creative places, like crammed in a pipe or jutting out from under a plant. She assumed they had been placed to confuse her. Finally, on top of a fridge box 'building', she found her flag. Just to be cool, she retrieved it with her grappling hook. She retrieved it and held it triumphantly over her head. Jessica ran back to the entrance. She showed the flag to Peter. He rewarded her with a new piece of equipment, a belt with a case  for her grappling hook. She ran back to the computer room to take the tube back to her own room. Back at the house she came down stairs. She hadn't even been missed.

Chapter 7 is is next,
Jessica goes on a real mission!

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Paging Dr. Pittard!

I don't know why she insisted on standing in front of the TV cabinet when she asked me to take these pictures, but ten points to you if you can name the movie that was on!

Several days ago, Selah asked me to take pictures of her in her doctor dress-up clothes that she got for Christmas. It's pure coincidence that her pajamas actually look like scrubs! A few months back, Selah developed a fascination with "dockering" - every time she got the tiniest bump or scrape, even invisible ones, she would race to the bathroom to collect Band-Aids, hollering, "Mommy, you 'docker' me?" Now she randomly attacks us with her toy stethoscope and blood pressure cuff, and she checks our reflexes when we least expect it.

Her latest fascination, in a similar line, is one of the kids' science books. It's a science encyclopedia published by Usborne that has a section on the human ear, hearing and sounds. She calls it her "ear book" and they've been inseparable the past couple of days. I read six pages of it to her, then daddy read those again last night, and she can't get enough! It's amusing to think that such a thoroughly silly little girl could someday be an actual medical doctor!

This morning, she ran up with her book and said, "Mommy, you take a picture my ear?", then eagerly posed for these pictures:

Selah and her "ear book"!

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Nobody is a Secret Agent- Chapter 6, Part 1

Nobody Is A Secret Agent - Chapter 6, Part 1
by Kaity Pittard, Extraordinaire 

Jessica woke up the next day. She had told Peter about her code name last night. She included the story of Odysseus. Peter also thought the story was clever. Jessica was going to the agency today for a practice mission. When her Mom said she was getting in the shower, Jessica seized the opportunity. She ran upstairs to the tube and jumped inside. She loved traveling in the tubes. She arrived and went to find Peter. 
    "There is another agent who gets her code name from a Greek myth. Pandora. I think she's in the locker room." Jessica went to find her. She was the only person in it.  She had really straight, shiny black hair. Whenever she moved her head, her hair swished around like a curtain.When she turned towards Jessica, Jessica saw she had chocolate brown eyes and wore oval shaped glasses. Like other agents, She wore her vest, t-shirt and jeans. The jeans had butterfly embroidery on them. She was much older than Jessica, college age maybe. Jessica introduced herself.
    "Hello, I'm agent Nobody."
    "Neat! I'm Pandora."
    " I get my name from Greek mythology too! The story of Odysseus and the Cyclops."
    "Cool! You can guess where mine came from of course. Hee hee, I'm talking to Nobody!"                         Jessica opened her locker and pulled out her vest. She hastily threw her equipment in it and ran back to Peter. He told her to go to the tube labeled 'PRACTICE' in the tube room. Her goal was to retrieve a small flag that was red with a blue star. She jumped in the tube. Barely a few seconds later, Jessica came out of the tube, facing a room like no other.

What does the room look like?
Part 2 to  come soon
(Maybe, I might just leave you with this enormous cliff hanger)

Monday, March 04, 2013

Joltin' Joe

After consistently missing registration for soccer season, I jumped at the chance to sign Joe up for baseball with the local recreation department. I found out about it because I follow our Downtown Development Authority's Facebook page. I never would have guessed baseball started in February!

He's only had two practices so far because it's been so stinking rainy here, but I think he likes it. Jeff and I went to a sporting goods store for the first time to purchase a few baseballs, practice clothes, and a baseball mitt - Jeff's first! Joe is actually using the glove I used when I played coach-pitch a hundred years ago. (I played deep, deep right field to prevent ever having to actually catch a ball.)