Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Long Live Summer!

Yesterday, the kids decided it was the perfect day to play outside with the hose. They were right! They came in to eat lunch and took an afternoon break, but they were back out there until dinnertime!

I was trying to be sneaky and to take pictures before they noticed I was there, but Selah spotted me.


Fighting over the hose.



And because it's so classically summer, I had to take the second picture over to PicMonkey just to try out some different options.
Joe looks so mischievous! As always.

I love Kaity's expression!
In the spirit of these fun summer days, Shutterfly is running a contest! For the Long Live Summer photo contest, just submit your favorite pics through their Facebook page. There are instant prizes, weekly prizes, and a grand prize trip to The Bahamas! Let me know if you enter - I'd love to see your favorite summer pictures!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Black and White Photos

Two text messages I love to get from my friend Kim are - "Are you home?" because it means I'm about to get company, and "What size is Selah?" because it means I'm about to get some cute clothes! Kim is a savvy shopper and works in retail so she gets discounts, even on clearance stuff. Every once in a while she can't resist getting a cute outfit for Selah. Our latest gift is a black and white polka dot dress, complete with matching headband!

"I am SO adorable!"

And speaking of "adorable", when I told Selah she was adorable the other day, she sat up, looked around and said, "Dora? Where's Dora?"

Here are a couple of different takes on the last picture.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Raising a Reader

There comes a time in every nerd's life when you fear your children will not like books. I have to say, I was only worried for a short time with our Joe. That time is over. Last week, Jeff took the kids to the library and Kaity checked out "Wonderstruck" by Brian Selznick. When she finished reading it, Joe picked it up and couldn't put it back down! I loved the thoughts and feelings he expressed after finishing it.

"I wish Rose's story had been in words, too, so there would be more to read."

"I hate it when books end and there isn't another one because you still have more questions!"

"It wasn't long enough." Yeah, it's only 600 + pages.

Oh, the joy and angst of reading!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sleeping Beauty

I know I probably publish more pictures of Selah on here than our other two sweeties, but I guess it's just that she provides the most photogenic opportunities right now. I mean, I can only show you so many pictures of Joe playing Mario Kart, or Kaity reading a book, or Joe asking for a snack, or Kaity drawing something before it gets old. But a sleeping baby is always cute!

I'd like to point out here that until about 30 seconds before this, I had been sleeping BETWEEN these two people. I don't even know how that was possible. Ah, Sunday afternoon naps ...

Little sister has some big shoes to fill!

The only time she's still ...

Now THIS is the life.
 To further prove my point, here is the scene currently in my living room:

One child playing Mario Kart - boring. One child patiently waiting her turn - boring. One child sitting on the potty naked, reading Dr. Seuss and looking like Geordi Laforge - hilarious!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Time In A Bottle

I can't look ...

... who are these sweet, tiny children?

Certainly not THESE huge children, who had to be forced into the same chair and forced to smile for this picture.

And who is this adorable little thing who demands her own way and has her daddy wrapped around her finger?

Well, not so little, but not much else has changed!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Just A Swingin'

Joe, Selah, Dora, Jeff, and Kaity

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Movie Night

The other day we had movie night, along with the required popcorn.

The movie wasn't that good, but the popcorn was!
Here's a tip: 1/4 cup popcorn kernels + brown paper lunch bag (folded down twice at the top) + microwave for 1-1/2 minutes = delicious popcorn! Jeff will eat it just like that, ugh, but normal people will want to add their favorite seasonings.
Selah got bored and took Daddy outside to play.

Trying to do a flip on Daddy.

Monday, July 09, 2012

Got My Hair Did

 "Girl, just look at these split ends! Don't you use conditioner? It's okay, I'll trim 'em up. Hey, did you see Dora yesterday? Now that girl has some crazy stuff goin' on! Can you believe Swiper? He totally took that teddy bear from Dora even though she clearly told him 'no swiping'! I wish she'd do somethin' different with her hair, too. That bob she has goin' on is SO 1998. You want me to curl your hair today?"

"Anyway, I told that girl if she wanted Goldfish she could get her own, 'cause these are MINE. Then she had the nerve not to share her juice with me. All I had was water! Ooh, I pulled a good one on Mommy the other day. I told her I needed to potty and she got all excited, takin' me to bathroom and all, and then - get this, girl - I didn't potty! Oh, the look on her face! She is just too easy. You sure you don't want me to color your hair? I hid some markers under the ottoman."

"What'd you say, Daddy? Do I want to go for a RIDE? Where are my shoes? I'll finish your hair later, girl."