Monday, February 25, 2008


It seems to Jeff and me that in today's world, many people live insular lives. Their family is a little island whose accessibility is limited. If someone were to drop by their house out of the blue, it would be considered shockingly rude. From early on in our marriage, we desired something different for our home. We always wanted our friends to feel that they could come by any time. Never has that been more true for us than when we took on a College and Career Sunday School class! We've learned a lot about hospitality from hosting this group, believe me. It's incredibly motivating for me as a homemaker to know that at any time we may get a text message -- "What are y'all doing tonight?" or, sometimes, "What r u doin tonite?" No time for panicked cleaning then! Obviously this means that they sometimes get treated to dirty dishes on the counter, or laundry on the couch. I'm not perfect, so I don't have to pretend to be! I just try harder to keep up with the daily household chores in order that our home might always be presentable.

Food is my favorite part of hospitality! I love cooking for the group, though I've certainly had some humbling experiences there, too. One night I had to give someone a frozen dinner. Trust me, it was difficult for me to do. But the important thing is not that our home is a showplace (it's NOT) or that I always have gourmet meals ready (I don't), but that our hearts and our home are ready -- "instant, in season and out of season" to receive friends. Whether it's a college student with a broken heart, friends coming for dinner, or guys coming for video games, we want to be ready to receive them with the love of Jesus. Here's a quote from a great blog by Lydia Brownback, "But, primarily, every time we open our homes and hearts to someone in need, it is Jesus we are serving."

Friday, February 15, 2008

Jeni Loves Daisies!

My sweet, handsome husband sent me flowers yesterday! He also wrote me a top ten list on why I'm so wonderful ... but you can't see that. :)

Friday, February 01, 2008

Vincent Van Joe and Georgia O'Kait

Okay, I had to post the artwork the kids did today. It was too good not to! I'm a mom, I'm allowed to think my children are the most brilliant and creative kids in the world. (You can click on any of these pictures on the blog to make them bigger.)

Kaity's imagination has no bounds! She created this picture today because she had all these cat-themed stickers. She didn't want to waste them by just sticking them to stuff, so she made a "Cat Shop" out of them.

This is Joe's self-portrait, which needs a bit of explanation in order to be fully appreciated. First, notice the usual features -- eyes, nose, mouth, legs, hair. Why do his arms look funny, you ask? Because he also drew in his muscles! How cute is that? The object in his middle, between his arms, he informed me, is his heart (upside down). The upside down "U" shape near his eyes I figured was his ear. He told me it was his "red eye" -- which is what he called his black eye! He still has a little scar on his cheekbone where he hit it.