Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It's Bigger on the Inside

My latest project has been to redo a bookshelf. Someone gave us the shelf, and the paint is some I had put away for such a time as this. The aqua paint is actually some that my parents bought to use in a bathroom but ultimately it didn't work with what they wanted to do ... so I got it! I have more plans for it, but for now this is it:

Sadly, I had to give up having aprons hanging on that wall - I'll come up with something for them, I'm sure - but we desperately needed more shelf space for school. 

Here you can see I hung the aprons on the laundry room door with an over-the-door "robe" hook. Plus, the shelf with stuff on it - Lego pencil holder (I commissioned Kaity to make it), mason jars with stuff, drawers with school supplies, pencil boxes, VW hubcap, puzzle books, Selah's books. The shelf above has our French press, coffee mugs from our travels, my Star Trek S&P shakers, a recipe box and trivets.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

The Lego House

Kaity and Joe made a Lego house on Joe's Lego table, here are some pictures.

a bedroom, with a lava lamp and a computer

the living room
 The living room has lava lamps, a TV and Wii, and a phone. The oldest boy in the family, Jeff, is sitting in a chair drinking coffee. Zach, the 8 year old, is playing on the Wii.
the backyard
 Kelsey, who is 12 is playing in the backyard.                                                                        Kaity was here
the kitchen
 in the kitchen is a sink, cups, a table, the fridge, and the Mom cooking dinner.
the indoor pool
 This is Ariel, the family mermaid.
the bathroom

close up of the toilet

Lego Wii!
The other rooms in the house are the school room, the Mom and Dad's bedroom, the twins' bedroom,  Zach's bedroom, the baby twins' bedroom, the two borders' bedrooms, the dining room, the other bathroom, and the 2 storage closets.
The family members are, Cassie and Joe, the parents, Jeff and Brittney, the 18 year old twins, Kelsey is 12, Zach is 8, Molly and Steve, the 2 year old twins, the mermaid Ariel, and the borders who live in the house, Jeni and Jacob. Jacob is a storm trooper.

P.S. Kaity (I) wrote this post.