Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The TV Cabinet

When Jeff's brother Joe was here, they moved the big TV cabinet back to our house. I deferred to Jeff when he said it was too bulky for our living room, but he finally realized that the clutter and mess around the smaller TV cabinet was driving me slowly insane.
Okay, so we didn't stop Selah from getting into the cabinet because she was having too much fun.

"Oh, hi! Am I not supposed to be in here?"
I love having all the cords and wires and videos and games and controllers and all the mess associated with electronic equipment hidden behind closed doors! Days go by that we don't even open the doors to the cabinet. It's so much nicer to have a solid piece of furniture with plenty of storage for our stuff, instead of the stuff being in piles around the TV and cabinet.
Ahh ... much better.
Anyway, after I got it all cleaned up and the shelves put back into place, I knew who to call for help.

Kaity is my organizer. She's the quintessential first born, the one who likes to be in charge. Who likes things HER OWN WAY. She's a born leader, but she is also (generally) very obedient when I give her something to do. If I need books put on a shelf, or something organized, she's my go-to girl. So, one of her chores yesterday was to put all the kids' videos neatly in the cabinet. Joe checked to make sure the videos were in the cases then gave them to Kaity to shelve.

Here's a great example -- while I was typing the above paragraph, Kaity watched a short video for school. When the video was over, with no prompting from me, she said, "I think we'll make this shelf the Wii shelf. Is that okay, Mommy?" And she proceeded to organize the Wii remotes and games on the shelf, even checking the batteries in the remotes and putting them in the charger.
I could get used to this!

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