Monday, October 11, 2010

Another Beautiful Monday!

Our little family is really trying to soak up and savor each Monday we have with Daddy! I, at least, feel like the days are numbered. We don't want to take anything for granted. 

This morning we had school and chores, just an ordinary day. Joe is studying Egypt and the early civilizations and Kaity's focus is the Eastern Hemisphere -- China and Japan, lately. Joe just finished reading Homer Price by Robert McCloskey, one of our favorites. Kaity is in the middle of Young Fu of the Upper Yangtze by Elizabeth Lewis. She's enjoying it a lot.

At lunchtime, Jeff went with a friend of ours out to lunch while I took the kids to play with some of the other homeschoolers from our church. Five other families were there and the kids really enjoyed riding bikes, running around, swinging and talking with their friends. None of us wanted to leave, but we had a lot to do at home!

Jeff ended up taking us out to Chick-Fil-A for a little lunch. We haven't been in quite a while so that was really nice. Selah had her first taste of the famous chicken sandwich. Unsurprisingly, she loved it. The owner/manager of the store is a super sweet lady named Margaret. She always remembers us when we come in and today was no exception. The kids had gone off to play on the playground and Margaret came over, sat down and chatted with us for a while. As we went to leave, the kids spotted her behind the counter and ran over to say hello. She asked if they wanted ice cream, looking up at us to get our okay. The kids hesitated and looked at us, too, because we had already told them no since we didn't have any extra money. We agreed, though, and it turned out Margaret gave it to them for free. She marshalled them back behind the counter and let them fix the ice cream cones themselves, complete with whipped cream and a cherry! The kids were thrilled.

Back at home, we finished up more chores and schoolwork. Jeff played outside with them, and then the neighbor kids came out to play. Anyway, since the kids are occupied and Selah is sleeping, I really need to get busy again on the house. Loving Mondays!

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