Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Love Mondays!

I may have mentioned this before, but I LOVE having Jeff home on Mondays. We got a lot accomplished yesterday, just projects that have needed to be done and we haven't had time. One I'm sad about is that Jeff had to lower Selah's crib. Kaity brought her to us in bed Saturday morning, and I immediately asked what was wrong. First of all, Kaity's usually the last one up, and secondly, she rarely brings the baby to me! Kaity laughingly explained that Selah was standing up in her crib. We still had the mattress set at the top level, so the edge of the crib was about waist high! Time always moves so quickly, but when you have a baby it flies!
Another project Jeff tackled yesterday was our kitchen faucet. We bought one a year and a half ago but never installed it because we thought we'd be selling the house. Now it's in and I love it! Our house had the cheapest faucet you could find at the hardware store, and the one now is lever-operated. A little thing that makes such a wonderful difference!

If I needed it, proof he loves me.
Daisy could not resist the lure of the box, and the cat-like instinct to interrupt the human's work.
The finished product, along with tomatoes from my in-laws' garden.

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