Thursday, September 23, 2010

Boys and Girls Are Different

We went on a walk this morning, which is not typical. I tend to walk only when we have an objective, like going to the eye doctor or something. But I have been having a lot of back pain over the last few weeks and I'm trying to exercise more to focus on strengthening those muscles. Anyway, I made the announcement that we'd be going and Joe ran to get ready immediately. Kaity groaned and asked if we had to. When we made it outside, I was setting up the stroller for Selah while Joe was already riding circles around us (literally!) on his bike and telling Kaity, "You can ride your bike if you want to!" Kaity was reading a book and ignoring him. Yes, standing outside, waiting for me to get the baby strapped in, reading a book. "Come on, Kaity," I say, beginning to walk off.  Joe is already ten yards away. "Can I finish this chapter?" she responds.

Yes, boys and girls are different.

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