Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Granny and Papa's House

I just love my Granny. Ever since I was a little girl I loved going to Granny and Papa's house. When I was very small, that meant Fernandina and the beach. As I got older, it came to mean South Georgia and "Gill Hill". Visiting with Granny and Papa has always been about simply enjoying the warmth, humor, love, and peace of their home. Our little family was blessed to be able to go and visit with Granny this past weekend.

Picnicking on the way to Granny's
Granny cooking up Sunday dinner.
Kissing cousins -- My cousin Jessica's boy, Jarrett.
Granny, getting sugar from Selah
Kaity had a fever all weekend while we were there, poor thing.

Selah loves her Uncle Donnie and Aunt Cindy already! Donnie calls her "Sailor" and bounces her on his knees. Being nicknamed by my uncles can be mildly traumatic ("Jenni-fart") but Selah got off pretty easy!
That's Granny's "baby" brother in the rocking chair -- the youngest of 13 children. It's always a treat to get to see Uncle Ray.

Cousin Shanna. Or Shannie. Or Shannie-Annie. (She got off easy, too!)
Uncle Steve
Uncle Steve and Aunt Belinda came over one night with their son Joe and his wife Janice. Joe and Janice were visiting from west Georgia and they'd all spent the day at the Okefenokee. Joe introduced his wife as his former parole officer -- he's such a ham! My aunt Belinda is an accomplished writer with several published novels. She and Uncle Steve have traveled a lot and lived in several different states, so "Ain't B" researches the history of the area and builds her novels around the unique history she's discovered. Her most recent novel is The Lure of Alaska.

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Anonymous said...

shanna didn't get off that easy when she was small! papa had his own nickname for her using her initials!