Monday, September 13, 2010

Daddy's Home

Woo-hoo! We are loving Mondays lately! I think I told you before that Jeff is off on Mondays for now, and our family is really enjoying the time together. I feel so much more productive when Jeff's home, and I'm not sure why that is. On Daddy's day off, we always let him sleep late. This is supposed to make up for all those days he gets up at 4:30 a.m. Anyway, by the time Jeff came in the kitchen, the kids had eaten breakfast and had their quiet time, I had my quiet time, fed the baby, started school with the kids, started the laundry, finished loading the dishwasher, made pear baby food, and made coffee and waffles for Jeff's and my breakfast. Then the day got started!

Jeff got Selah off to sleep for her morning nap, we did some more school, then Jeff took the big kids out for P.E. He worked with them on the soccer skills their coaches wanted them to learn. They did very well, and Jeff says they've actually improved!

I made more baby food (peach), fixed the kids a snack (banana parfaits), fed Selah her second breakfast (peas, pears, cereal and water), changed her diaper, then changed her again five minutes later (nice). Jeff went to the hardware store while I did more schoolwork with the kiddos, then fixed lunch -- leftover rice, taco beef and corn alongside fresh homemade tortillas.

After cleaning up from lunch, we did more school, a friend came by for a visit bearing a gift (an outfit for Selah Rae), I finally got a shower, did more school, loaded and ran the dishwasher again (yes, twice in one day), did more laundry, and baked a Cappuccino Cake for Jeff to take to church tonight. Jeff and Joe went on a bike ride around the neighborhood and I fed the baby again.

The kids and I have eaten dinner, Jeff has gone off to church for FAITH class and visitation, Selah is playing on the floor, Kaity and Joe are playing outside with the neighbor kids ... it's been a wonderful day!

The only bad part is knowing we'll be waking up tomorrow morning with Daddy already gone to work.

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