Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Letter

This morning on the way to church, Joe decided he wanted to write a letter to Kaity. Only he couldn't spell the words he needed. He began asking Kaity how to spell everything, and it was adorable! Here's how it sounded:

J: Um, how do you spell your name again, Kaity?
K: K
J: K
K: A
J: A
K: I
J: I
... You get the picture. He said every letter after she did, for every single word. Kaity spelled for him as he wrote, then he gave her the letter for her to read. It was so sweet. Kaity was the perfect big sister, rolling her eyes a little the way parents do at their children, yet patiently spelling each word.

The letter said, "To Kaity From Joe I love you because you play dollhouse with me. Love, Joe"
Okay, there were actually two letters, I'm told. This is the first one they did before we left the house when I didn't hear Kaity spelling. The one she spelled out in the car has "beacause" spelled correctly ... because I caught her!

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