Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Our Girls

Yesterday Selah was really feeling her teeth coming in ... she's been that way for a couple of days, actually. I think her top two are trying to break through. The bottom two have made their debut with little fuss, just a lot of drooling and gnawing. Anyway, I really wanted to eat lunch in peace, so I sent Kaity outside with her little sister. Selah loves to be outside in the breeze with the kitties and the trees and flowers and grass. It worked like a charm. Selah calmed down right away and Kaity and Joe played with her out there while I ate my lunch.

I also took a picture when we went back inside, a picture that Kaity has been quite excited about seeing. The reason is that the outfit Selah is wearing (along with a little hat that makes her look like a tulip) is one of the few outfits I saved from Kaity's babyhood. I loved it so much I couldn't let it go. Kaity is wearing it in the picture that is my favorite of all Kaity's baby pictures. We had to take a picture of Selah in the same outfit!

Selah, 7 months
Kaitlyn, 8 months

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Lynnette said...

Are you sure these photos are not of the same baby??????