Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentine's Day

My mom planned to come up the day of Selah's birthday party. Unfortunately,  she and Berk needed to make an unexpected trip to Ohio when his grandmother's health took a turn for the worst. Instead, they both came up this past weekend, which just happened to be Valentine's Day.

Bobba's and Selah's birthdays are just a couple of days apart so we celebrated a little together!

Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes! They had a fresh strawberry filling and strawberry whipped cream on top.

Miss Fashionista over there got new Sunday dresses, gloves, and sunglasses for her birthday!

She always covers her ears when we sing Happy Birthday.

Silly faces!

Grammie and Bobba graciously agreed to stay with the kids for a couple of hours so Jeff and I could catch a quick date. We tried a new restaurant, Taqueria Tsunami, which was pretty tasty overall. The traffic was worse and the wait at the restaurant longer than we anticipated, so by the time we were on the way home it was later than we'd thought. I made a quick call to let Bobba know we had one more stop to make and then we'd be home. Jeff laughed and said, "You realize you just called your parents to ask if you could stay out after curfew?" The more things change ...

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