Friday, February 20, 2015

Phone Pictures

We're not exactly the most technologically savvy people. We only recently upgraded our TV to a flat screen and that was only because our former TV was beyond resuscitation. Seriously, if you're turning your TV on and off with a butter knife, it's probably time to let it go. (Not that we did. We waited until it reached the point that only the volume button turned the power off, which also turned the volume down. Then we watched with closed captions for a while before we admitted defeat.)

In fact, Jeff's brother saw our TV in the background of a picture and commented something like "The 80's called; they want their TV back." When I went to the store to research our purchase, I had to laugh at the irony of someone in their 30s having smart TVs explained to her by a man who was easily in his late 60s.

All that to say that we have no idea how to get the pictures on our phones onto our computer. It's sad, really. But Jeff had some great pictures of Lauryn on his phone and he was determined to figure it out. So he sent them via text to a friend of ours who is ten years younger, Jacob, who then used his newfangled Samsung iDroid to send the pics to Jeff's email.

I think at one point Kaity, Jeff and I all had this picture as a background or screensaver on our phones.

Checking out Daddy's ride.


Catherine McEver said...

You can send yourself a picture by
1. Texting it to your email address instead of a phone number. Check your email on the computer, save it, and viola.

2. Get on the Internet from your phone...has to be compatible though.


jeni said...

Thanks, Catherine! We've only had internet-capable phones for a few months and we pretty much never use the option. lol We'll catch up eventually. ;)