Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mini Family Reunion

I can't believe I haven't posted about this yet! Last month, we had a mini family reunion at my mom's house. It was a really casual, quick visit, and not the same without the WHOLE crowd, but so much fun anyway!

In many families, there are names passed down through the generations. In my mom's side of the family, it happens to be the names of my grandparents, Riley Eugene and Josephine Lois. My mom, my aunt, and one of my uncles all bear a portion of their parents' names. Among the grandchildren and great-grandchildren, Granny and Papa have several namesakes. Stacy Jo, Kiley Jo, and our own Joseph Riley are among them. Several months ago, my cousin Kelli added to the list with a little Riley of her own. Because Kelli lives in Virginia, Granny and Riley hadn't yet met and this little reunion brought them together. Eugene, Terri, Kelli, Dustin, and Riley made the drive down from Virginia, and Donnie, Cindy, Eric, and Granny made the drive up from South Georgia. And Stuart and I drove over with our kiddos, of course!

First up, Lauryn and Uncle Stu (or Stoobles, or Beef Stu, whatever. Ah, siblings!) Also known as Greybeard - man, he's getting old! It's a good thing I'm soooo much younger. (Love you, Stuart!)

Cousins! Joe, Kaity, Ralston and McKinney. Joined together by the power of Minecraft!

Granny with Uncle Eugene, her oldest son, and Uncle Donnie on the end over there.

Granny and her great-granddaughter, little Riley - together at last!

The paparazzi!

Granny with the two youngest grandbabies.

My cousin Eric, the baby-whisperer. Even our stoic little introvert was wiled by his beard and winsome smile.

Kelli with Kaity and baby Riley.

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