Saturday, February 07, 2015

A Cat in the Hat Birthday Party!

A couple of weeks ago, I made these invitations:
Cheesy, but cute. Just like me!

Of course, I used our actual address and phone number on the invitations I sent out.
And today we partied! (Get ready for picture overload!)

Birthday Girl! Our FIVE year old little girl.
Kaity was a BIG help with the decorations! She has a great eye for this sort of thing.

The party spread ...
We used the "hat cups" on the left for a bowling game. The hats on the right were for a game of Memory Match.

Cat in the Hat Cupcakes - made with frosting, Oreos and red sugar-dipped marshmallows.
Thing 1 and Thing 2 Cupcakes - made with frosting and cotton candy.

We played a few games, like matching with Cat in the Hat hats, and bowling with hats. In these pictures Kaity is helping the kids balance lots of things, just like The Cat!

Singing "Happy Birthday!"
Make a wish!
Selah has just discovered that the "hat" is actually a marshmallow. Blech!

Chocolate cupcakes + chocolate ice cream = crazy kiddos!

Opening presents!

^^LOOK at that chubby baby belly! Precious.                          

Miss Kim, proving she is irresistible ... as long as she has cupcakes.
 Aaaand the After Party. Time to get casual and try out the new toys!
"Mommy, can Mr. Eli come to our house to teach me to play my guitar?"

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