Friday, February 27, 2015

Banana Splits and Movie Night!

First of all, on a sad note: Farewell to the only man on my fridge, the inimitable Leonard Nimoy. He was, and always will be, our friend.
My favorite refrigerator magnet.
And now, for some happy news: Ice cream! I very rarely get store-bought treats for the kids, preferring to bake something special instead. However, I decided to get some ice cream Friday so we could have a fun movie night. I made calzones for supper, then cooked up a homemade chocolate sauce to go on our banana splits.

Before starting up Big Hero 6, my little girls and I had some snuggle time. Jeff and Joe were off getting haircuts, and Kaity was down in her lair.

"I love you!"
"I will bat my big brown eyes, and Kaity will give me ice cream!"

Mommy's a sucker, too!
Can you see Kaity down there under Selah, the pillows and Lauryn?
I have no idea what Selah and I are doing over there, but I'm including this one for the expressions on Lauryn's and Kaity's faces.

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