Monday, February 16, 2015

A Thousand Words

Here are a few random pictures that made me laugh this week:

The kids have always been fascinated with me exercising and NEED to be right. there. with. me. Lauryn is no exception! Kaity snapped this picture of Lauryn "helping" me do yoga. Daisy was also being super helpful.

I think it was the day before when I posted on Facebook: "That awkward moment when you're left stranded in the same yoga pose forEVER because your streaming video has stopped to buffer. VHS 1, Internet 0."

My friend JJ pointed out that at least I held the pose for that long. The funny part is that it legitimately happened! I'm starting to get all wobbly and thinking, "What is taking this woman so long to move on already?!" I snuck a peek at the TV and saw the circle of death! Whoopsies.

 And then this one:
Which doesn't look especially funny until you notice the bottom left corner of the box ... and realize that it's Selah's hair sticking out! I wish I'd filmed it because then you'd be able to hear Selah squealing, "Hey! I'm in here, Lauryn! Mommy, help me! Lauryn, get off of the box!" etc. I laughed my head off, then got the camera, then rescued Selah. Priorities, you know.

Okay, one last picture - of Lauryn again, naturally. This child might be all Jeff, but she got her Mama's love of bacon. She was so excited to see it in the oven!

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