Saturday, February 21, 2015

Master Bathroom

After painting a majority of the new house in a very short time period, I took a break from it for a while. One reason was that I knew I wanted to paint the master bathroom - the lone hold-out of the upstairs rooms - next. When I painted the kitchen I absolutely fell in love with the color and I knew right away it was what I wanted in the master bath. The only catch was that I didn't have enough to finish the job. Because I'm cheap frugal and didn't want to buy another can of paint, I needed to work with what I had and scrounge up another color from my stock. I settled on "borrowing" the cream color we'd bought for Kaity's bathroom. I figure we have enough for both since her bath is pretty small. That just left finding the time to get the job done. Since Monday and Tuesday are such busy days, every Wednesday found me saying, "Maybe this week." Finally, like Calvin donning his space helmet and determining to "go for the gusto", I knew I just had to go for it.

This is the before picture I took the day I started painting. It is violently yellow, y'all. The blue is from when we first moved in and I pondered going bold with the colors. Bullet dodged.
This is the best picture I could find of the true "before". You can juuust see the wallpaper border of a beach scene with sailboats. Yeah, I scraped that and the jungle/safari weirdness (on the bedroom walls) off pretty quick-like.

Here's what the master bedroom looks like now:

 Anyhoo ... After pictures!
I love that the soft green, cream and white gives it a very calming ambiance. The bathroom has a lot of natural light that I really wanted to enhance.
But not enough to buy lightbulbs, apparently. I can't remember everything while grocery shopping with four little crumbsnatchers, people!
I love my stripey rug! The back wall of this room is the same green that's in our bedroom and the foyer.

Me, sticking my tongue out at you. This huge mirror definitely helps reflect light back around the room. Someday I'm going to surround it with white trim or little stone tiles. Someday.

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