Saturday, January 24, 2015

Think INK

A few weeks ago, Kaity's biology class started back up for the spring semester. The only downside for us was that Co-Op had not yet started back. That left me with two hours to while away with three kids forty minutes from home. Sitting in the van: not an option. I took a look at a map and realized Kaity's class was only a few miles away from INK - Interactive Neighborhood for Kids. We took the kids there last year for Selah's birthday and they loved it! Providentially, it was also Homeschool Day, and admission was half-price. I can dig it.

Doing Lauryn's make-up.

It was the joy of Lauryn's heart to have her very own tiny cart to push.

Of course we bought Ralston brand cereal!

At the '50s Diner, which was inexplicably playing '90s rap music. (Hammer time!)

At the bank's ATM.

Action shot! Engineer Selah, jumping aboard the train.

Engineer Joe - clearly the railroad's in his genes.

Doctor Pittard, with a very skeptical patient.

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