Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Birthday Fun

Lots of pictures today, folks!
Kaity had a special spa day with Selah on her birthday. Hair fixed, jewelry, mani-pedi ... Selah loved every minute!

Yesterday we went to INK - Interactive Neighborhood for Kids. All three kids had a wonderful time!

Selah's favorite - the grocery store.



Driving the fire engine.

Here's hoping she never rides in the back!

Joe at the vet clinic.

Jeff and Lauryn

I caught a smile! :)

I gotta get one of these for the house.

Classic Selah: When I rode on the plane with her (to Germany), upon our arrival she decided we should skydive out!

After INK, we went to the ice cream shop downtown to have cake and ice cream!

Selah's "best friend Gabe" joined us for ice cream. She was SO excited to see him!

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