Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Christmas Lights

A few of the bright spots in our Christmas season:

Whilst suffering from the flu, we stayed quarantined in the house. Our friend Kim braved the plague and brought us this adorable personalized ornament!

Lauryn and Daisy snuggled with Daddy. Daisy was the only one unaffected by the scourge of the flu.

We made soft sugar cookies, but nobody really wanted to. They didn't feel good, and within a few hours Kaity and Joe were both down with the flu.

So I decorated cookies all by myself! I had fun making a special cookie to represent each child.

We didn't end up putting the tree up this year until December 15th, which is late, even for me! I was talking with Jeff last week about taking it down, and it felt funny because it had only been up 2 weeks. I'll do it tomorrow ...

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