Sunday, January 11, 2015

Pittard-Shields Christmas 2014

While we had plans to go to my parents' house for several days over Christmas, guess why we didn't ... Anyway, Mom and Berk came to us instead! I made a big pot of chili and we ALL got to sit around the table to share lunch. It was absolutely wonderful to have a table and chairs where we could be together. After lunch - presents!

Lauryn loves this book! She "reads" it all the time.
 We gave Bobba a Sponge Bob toy (inside joke ...) and a certificate for the Cookie-of-the-Month Club. We sent Banana-Chocolate Chip in January.

Kaity racked up with the Doctor Who merchandise. 
We've played this a few times and those questions are hard!

Tom Baker scarf! Jeff is always plotting to steal it.

Magnet dolls! Selah loves these.

Joe is really good at shooting this bow and suction cup arrow set. He likes to set up targets outside.

It's Anna from Frozen!

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