Monday, January 19, 2015

Final Christmas Celebration!

On New Year's Day, Jeff's family came over to celebrate Christmas with us.

Lauryn was so proud of herself for sitting in the big chair!

Selah and Sarah.

Jacob. We saw a lot of this from all the kids!
Joe. All the cousins were playing Minecraft with each other on their tablets.

Papa, in His Chair.
 We were able to connect with Joe and Jennifer via Skype. Everyone gathered around the laptop to see Joe, Jenn, Jackson, and Raegan all the way from Texas!

Jason and Jacob, paying homage to the queen. 

We relocated to the couch so it was easier for everyone to see. 
We had a great time together: eating, laughing, sharing stories, opening gifts, etc. Jeff and I are so excited to have the blessing of a home large enough to host gatherings like this and hope to do it many more times over the years!

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