Friday, January 02, 2015

Making Memories

November and December were rough months, health-wise, for us. For a family that is rarely sick, we've certainly had our share lately. Jeff's dad spent some time in the hospital on two different occasions. Poor Lauryn has had several ear infections, plus bronchitis. Selah had an ear infection. Flu season has hit us hard, considering we've never had it before, and all six of us took a turn with it, which resulted in our Christmas plans with family get all out of whack! In spite of all that, though, we've had some pretty sweet memories.

Selah took this picture of Lauryn and Mommy browsing Pinterest for recipes.

Daddy and Kaity watching a movie together after the other kids are in bed.

Lauryn and a remarkably tolerant Daisy.

Daddy's hat.

This picture makes us laugh every time ...

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