Saturday, January 10, 2015

Christmas 2014

It seems like I'm always posting about Christmas in January! We kept our celebrations fairly subdued because of the plague. On Christmas Eve we opened the traditional gift of pajamas, plus the gifts we'd received from Uncle Joe and Aunt Jenn.

Aunt Jennifer sent us a Spiced Tea mix, which we all enjoyed while we opened gifts.

Such a charming little princess!
Christmas Morning!

Kaity made Joe a mini Foosball game in a shoebox using wooden skewers and clothes pins.
Poor Joe was really feeling bad, and slept pretty much the entire day.

Lauryn doing her best Luke Skywalker impression while opening presents.

I think the girls' favorite present was their toy kitchen! It was a gift to Kaity from Grammie and Bobba many years ago, and it's been at Jeff's parents' house because we haven't had the space for it. Jeff got it all cleaned up and set it up in the kitchen after the girls went to bed on Christmas Eve.

Jeff was washing dishes one day with Lauryn watching him. All of a sudden, she ran over to her own kitchen and started pretending to wash dishes, just like Daddy! She was SO proud of herself.

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