Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Very Busy Saturday

Saturday began with scones. It was my first attempt at making them, and they were amazing! Tender and fluffy, with diced strawberries peeking out. The lemon glaze on top really made them something special. Along with Jeff's coffee, we had the perfect sweet breakfast.

We picked up the big kids from Jeff's mom at 8:30, then took them to a soccer camp. They'll both be playing this fall, and the camp was just kind of a kick-off (hee-hee) for the season. Joe played last year, but this'll be Kaity's first time.

We left soccer camp, went home and fed the baby and let the kids change clothes. Then we drove down to Greensboro to meet my parents for lunch on their way to Atlanta. We ate at the same restaurant we did last time, The Yesterday Cafe.
Naturally, the kids argued over who would get to sit next to Baba.
Selah got to sit with Grammie.
Grammie and her girls.

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