Friday, August 20, 2010

Picture Pages

Selah is ALMOST crawling! She scootches really well all over the living room, and she'll get up on her hands and knees and rock. She loves playing on the floor.

This is one of the posters I made for the 80's birthday party last week. Each orange tab has a tagline from an 80's movie. Lift the tab and the answer is underneath. I did another poster with a Rubik's cube/80's advertising slogans theme, and made another to look like fuzzy dice with the top ten hits of each year of the 1980's.

Selah, eating what I think is peas and oatmeal cereal. She's never yet met a food she doesn't like. Kaity took these two pictures.
Doesn't she look like a baby bird here?

Daddy, snuggling his baby girl to sleep.

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