Sunday, August 01, 2010

Baby Food

I really love food. I'll take nearly any excuse to cook something! I confess that when I learned we were expecting a new little one, one of my first thoughts was, "Ooh, I get to make baby food again!" There's something very satisfying about seeing all those little containers lining the door of the freezer. Well, Selah has had her first rice and oatmeal cereals and now she's dabbling in eating veggies. So far she's tried peas, green beans, yellow squash and sweet potatoes. I have carrots and acorn squash waiting in the freezer for their turn. When your big kids react to homemade burgers,oven-roasted potatoes, and corn on the cob with an "Ew!", it's refreshing to feed the baby peas and have her lap up every bite!

With Joe's baby food, I used a lot of frozen vegetables, but right now there are so many veggies in season that I'm mostly using fresh for Selah. Most things can easily be steamed or boiled until soft, then put in the food processor. I always bake squash and sweet potatoes. The water used to steam/boil can be used the thin the baby food, especially at this stage when the foods need to be pureed. I tend to do small batches during the week whenever I have time, and big batches of different vegetables on Saturdays after my standard Friday grocery shopping.

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