Thursday, August 05, 2010

The Library

I love that both kids are proficient at riding their bicycles now! I pushed the baby in the stroller and let the kids ride their bikes up to the library today. It made the trip so much faster. Kaity and Joe were too cute with their backpacks strapped on, riding bikes. It was such a classic scene that it made me smile.

While I'm on the topic of libraries, I love that I can reserve books on-line through the Pines system. I just log in, do a search for the book I want, and then put it on hold. When the book is available at my local library, an e-mail notification is sent to me and I can go pick up the book any time! I definitely don't miss the days of going to the library in excited anticipation of what treasures I'll find, only to find out that nothing I wanted was available.

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