Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Pitter-Patter of Little ... Wings

I don't like to publish posts out of chronological order, but I couldn't wait to share our news! For Christmas this year, my parents got Jeff something he's wanted for a long time: a parakeet! He received the cage and a gift card on Christmas; last night we went to pick out the perfect bird.
Meet Peregrin Took - Pippin for short! 
Everyone has been very excited to welcome our new little friend. Throughout his growing up years, Jeff's mom had a succession of parakeets and Jeff has often talked about getting one.



Last night Jeff asked me find a cover for Pippin's cage. It amused me to give him this temporary solution:
Yes, those are cats.
 This morning, the little girls were squealing and screaming and I said, "Girls! Stop screaming or you'll upset Pippin." Instant quiet. I think I'm going to like this bird.

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