Friday, December 04, 2015

More Pictures From Granny's House

We always spend a lot of time on Granny's front porch.

That black south Georgia dirt!
 A few years ago, Granny had a big sand pile in her front yard for the kids to play in. The pile has dwindled over the years, but the kids still look forward to it every time! They stay out there until it gets dark.
Kiley Jo, Abby, Selah, Jarrett and Lauryn

On Saturday afternoon, Jeff took the big kids on a walk through the woods to the river. This has always been one of the favorite things to do for the cousins. It used to be "Uncle Rick" walking with us, and now it's Uncle Jeff and the next generation. This is technically the Alabaha River, but to us it's just The River.

The water looks like sweet tea - appropriate for south Georgia!

I forgot to add these pictures to the post yesterday, and time spent at Granny's wouldn't be the same without these memories! We always take the time to play games together - dice, cards, party games, and definitely Scrabble!
Granny won this round, of course!
After the grandbabies have been showered and pajama'd, it's time to snuggle and watch Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy!

Lauryn LOVES her big sister.

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