Friday, January 01, 2016

Christmas at Grammie and Bobba's

On Christmas Day, we all loaded up the car and drove to Grammie and Bobba's house! Stuart and his boys were already there. Though we arrived at lunchtime, the kids (okay, and maybe the adults, too!) elected to open presents before eating.

Selah hugging Santa-Bobba!
Jeff, unveiling his new parakeet cage!
Uncle Stuart got Lauryn DVDs of Mary Poppins and Toy Story.

Stuart and Ralston
Selah got a new bike! Kaity is sporting her new Star Trek: TNG jacket, complete with Starfleet insignia communicator badge.

Here's me, cooking Christmas dinner - prepping deviled eggs at the moment:

 Even Claire got a nerdy little gift. Kaity bought me this sticker of the Enterprise's registry number:
Over the next few days, we visited with Stuart and his boys, and Grandma Fran. We played games like Quiddler, Machi Koro, and Golf (a card game). Mom and Berk took the kids to the park to play, and they all played outside as much as possible, considering all the rain we've had lately!

Mom's birthday is on New Year's Eve, and this year she met me in Athens for lunch, then came back to the house to meet Pippin, play games and of course to see the kiddos. We ate at Goodie Two-Shoes, and can definitely recommend it. It was delicious!
Happy Birthday to my beautiful Mama!

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