Monday, December 28, 2015

A Very Pittard Christmas

One exciting thing that made this Christmas special is that Joe and Jennifer were able to come home for the holiday! They came to our house Tuesday night for a short visit, and then we all went to Ken and Cheryl's over the next two days to spend time together and celebrate Christmas. Naturally, Jason and Paige were there with their three. Ken and Cheryl's hearts were full at having all the children and grandchildren home at one time. I have many, many pictures, but I will do my absolute best to post only a dozen or so. No promises.

Raegan and Selah

Three out of four granddaughters snuggled on the couch: Kaity, Sarah and Raegan.

Joe, Jenn and me gathered around Joel's Kindle working on a word puzzle.

Joe and his little girl.

Sarah's expression when Uncle Jeff called her "Sarah Beth". Apparently she prefers being called Steve, Bob or Bobbie.

The boys, discussing important world events, like the new Star Wars movie.

Joel, like many teenage boys, is elusive when the camera is around. Also, please note the sibling argument in the background. Ah, just like home.
I love this expression on Jackson's face! At one point I told him he looked so much like his daddy and his response made me laugh: "Hey, my daddy looks just like your Uncle Jeff!"

Jacob and his new sword.

Raegan and Lauryn playing together.

Kaity and Sarah, attacking Uncle Jason from above while Raegan battles him with a sword.
I also love this expression on Paige's face! She was laughing at the children piling on her husband.

Kaity and Joe playing with Joe's new MineCraft LEGO set.
Lauryn was fascinated by Uncle Joe playing guitar.
Jeff and Ken
Ken and Cheryl with their three handsome boys!
(For those of you keeping score at home, that's 17 pictures. I should have known I couldn't manage it.)

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