Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas Cookies

For the kids' Christmas party this year, our home school co-op decided to do a Barter Market. The children were to make homemade items to bring for trade. Since Joe had just taken the cake decorating class, he wanted to make and decorate cookies. I made a batch of Soft Sugar Cookies and vanilla buttercream frosting. We tinted the frosting red, blue, and green, leaving some white. Then we raided my baking cupboard for sprinkles and various other decorations.

Selah and Lauryn helped me roll out the dough. They were most excited about using the cookie cutters!
Kaity took all of these pictures, by the way.

Kaity made the "red shirt" from Star Trek, and I made the Starfleet Insignia to go with it.

In addition to something with which to barter, we were asked to bring a treat to share. Lauryn and I made Christmas bark. I used dark and white chocolate to create two different kinds. On the left is Butterscotch-Pretzel and on the right is Peppermint (Andes chocolate candy pieces, crushed peppermint). Both were topped with an assortment of red and green sprinkles.

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