Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Big Day

So apparently this is post number 1000! I never imagined I would keep up a blog for this long, but I have loved every minute. Happy birthday (sort of), A Common Life!


Christmas morning was spent at home, just the six of us. I think Kaity brought the girls in our bedroom at 5? Too early, that's for sure! I had already gotten up at 3-something and set the monkey bread out on the counter to rise, so the first thing I did when the kids got up was to pop that in the oven. Then - present time! 

We kind of geeked out a little this Christmas. Star Wars, Doctor Who and Star Trek were well represented for sure.

The kids wore their new pajamas - a Christmas Eve tradition.

I mean. Is there anything cuter than a baby in footie pajamas?

Kaity crocheted a tiny Yoda doll as a gift for Joe. I think he likes it.

I got Jeff this "Tom Baker as Doctor Who" robe.
Here's Kaity in her Princess Leia pajamas. She and Joe got Ticket to Ride as a joint gift from Mom and Dad.

The classic "Mine!" pose, as demonstrated by Selah.

Both girls got new princess shoes.

Kaity in her Princess Leia pajamas, Doctor Who slippers (a gift from Nannie) and her ewok scarf.

Kaity, with her new Sherlock, Doctor Who and Harry Potter t-shirt. Yay for crossing fandoms!

Darth Vader hoodie for Joe! It even has a cape on the back,

Sheer adorableness in a hat from Aunt Jenn.
 Mama needed some geeky gear, too:
"Set phasers to stun!"
I also got coloring books with a new set of colored pencils, a Spock refrigerator magnet ("Ladies love a sharp-eared man.") and beef jerky.

Kaity-Kaity again. Isn't she cute?
Joe in his Star Wars/Harry Potter mash-up tee. I'm not sure he's changed out of it since Christmas morning.
After nerding out over our presents and noshing warm Monkey Bread, we loaded up Claire and headed to Grammie and Bobba's house!

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