Monday, August 25, 2014

Spackle, Sand, Paint, Repeat!

I suppose it goes without saying that the last few days have been the busiest I can pretty much ever remember being! Friday was the day we closed on the house, and we got to work right away readying our home for our arrival.

This is the living room area - light and dark gray, with dark blue below the chair rail. Joe and Kaity have been a tremendous help to me, taking care of the detail work so I can focus on painting. They have taken off and replaced outlet covers and light switch plates, cleaned up, and basically done anything I needed them to do! Kaity has entertained Lauryn and they've all played well (and not so well) with one another.

Here's another perspective on the living/dining area. You can really see the contrast in the colors from this angle.

Joe's room, 100% finished! Dark gray, with one blue wall.

Kaity entertained her littlest sister while I painted the girls' room. Their room is light gray, and one wall will be pink.

Selah borrowed the camera and took some pictures of us working. I will spare you the picture she took of her mother. Jeff was in the middle of cleaning out the fridge and putting it back together. By the way, we ate our first meal together in our new home tonight! Spaghetti, naturally.
Behind the fridge there is the color the kitchen will be. I just painted that part to keep from having to move the refrigerator twice!

This is another shot of the girls' room. I got two coats of the gray paint on the walls, so all that's left there is the cutting in and the pink wall.

Also, we're hoping to have the carpet replaced before Moving Day, but I'm not sure we'll make it. The whole process has been a lot of hard work, but it's a joy to do it since it means we have a lovely new home!

God has been gracious and we are overwhelmed at what He has provided.