Thursday, August 28, 2014

Before & After

My goal this week was to get the entire carpeted area of the house painted before we get our new carpeting installed. Last night I finished up! The only rooms left to paint upstairs are the two bathrooms and most of the kitchen. Oh, and the foyer, but we have a friend whose dad is going to paint that for me. (Thanks, Jorge!)

Some of these pictures are ones I've posted before, but I wanted to have a before and after comparison, too.
Before - pinkish-brown and dark pinkish-brown.




I don't have a picture of Joe's room "before", but it was a nauseating green. The girls' room was an unattractive violent blue:

Selah and Lauryn's room - pale gray on three walls, pink on the fourth.

Joe's room - dark gray on three walls, blue on the fourth.
Our bedroom, before:

And after:
The cushion against the green wall is what I'm going to use for a headboard. Our bed doesn't have one, so I plan to hang the cushion up along with a low shelf to make a backdrop of sorts.

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