Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Projects For Our New Nest

I have another new project in the books! Years ago, Jeff's aunt Denise gave us a church-shaped bird house. I thought it would be perfect to use in our little chickadees' room. A fresh coat of paint and a little creativity were all it needed.

The white-looking parts are actually pale pink. 

I made the flowers by stamping the cut end of an okra pod into paint. Did I mention I put up some fresh-picked okra in the freezer yesterday?

After I painted their names Cheryl and I both thought it needed a little something more, so I added a flower.
Last week I made this for the house:

The print is one I picked up at a VW show a few years ago. I've just never done anything with it until now! The frame is another find from Ken's shop. I cleaned it up and sanded it, then used black spray paint on it. I hand-painted the red in to give it a touch of color. I'm not sure where we'll hang this one - it's too cute for the garage!

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