Thursday, August 07, 2014

Good Times

The kids are having the best time EVER living with Nannie and Papa. There's plenty of room outside to run around and be as loud as their little hearts desire! They have colored with sidewalk chalk all over the driveway and carport. They have spent hours in the playhouse, on the slide, and on the swings. They have fed peppermints to the miniature horse (Shorty), leftovers to the cats, and bread to the peacocks. They have pulled weeds, done the weed-eating, picked up sticks, and helped with various other yard chores. One development the kids have really enjoyed is that since we decided to go ahead and get internet while we're here ... they've taught Nannie how to play on the Wii! Nannie and Papa have watched movies and television shows with us (including Doctor Who!), and Nannie's even using my Nook to read a book to Papa.

Lauryn has not done any of that, but she knows one thing: Nannie and Papa's house has the coolest toys!
This stepstool is her favorite! She pushes it all over the kitchen. When she sits in it, she kicks her legs like crazy!

Nannie also has lots of cabinets full of fun toys to play with!

They make noise when you bang them together! Oh, the joy!

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