Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Just One More Thing

I promise, this is the last "project post" for a while ... but I had to share just one more set of projects with y'all.

For Joe's room and for Lauryn and Selah's room.

I needed a scripture for the girls' room, and I have the feeling this verse will be perfect for them both! It's from Proverbs 31.

This is a map of southern Georgia (Waycross is right in the middle!) and part of northern Florida (Fernandina Beach is on the lower right corner!). I painted the words on the glass of the frame, so if I ever want to change it from this Tolkien quote, I can.

After living with the brown for about ten minutes, I decided I did indeed want to paint the frame, and Cheryl and I decided on navy blue (it's the same color I used for "wander".)

And now, here is Lauryn's latest trick, which I call "smushy face". She scrunches up her eyes and face and it's completely adorable. I couldn't quite capture her all scrunched up, but you get the idea.
She loves cantaloupe and watermelon! Her whole face was sticky with it.
Also, we close on the new house on Friday, and we are beyond thrilled to be able to move into our new home soon! Lots and lots going on right now!