Monday, January 07, 2013

Nobody's a Secret Agent - Chap. 3, Part 1

Nobody's a Secret Agent - Chapter 3, Part 1
by Kaity Pittard, Extraordinaire 
Jessica hurried with breakfast. When her Mom left the room, she answered Peter's call.
    "Jessica, please come as soon as you can so we can measure you for your vest and watch."
    " Is it really necessary to measure me? Can't you get a size 12 or something?"
    "Well, no not really, the vests are custom made."
    " Okay, I will be there when I am sure my Mom won't need me." She quickly ended the call because her Mom was walking in the kitchen. She ran upstairs to get dressed. When her Mom told her she was going to get a shower, Jessica took it as the perfect opportunity and ran upstairs. Hoping Kyle would not come in, Jessica shoved her dresser aside and leaped in the tube. She slid through and flew through door in to the computer room. There were two people in the room. Two guys who were both on the computers. A women walked in and saw Jessica. she called Julie in from the room she had just left.
    "Ah, there you are Jessica, come with me" said Julie. Julie took Jessica to a room labeled  'storage'. Every wall  was lined with shelves and every shelf was lined with labeled boxes. Julie pulled a tape measure out of a box. She began to take her measurements. When she had finished she wrote them down on a note pad and put the tape measure away. 
    "The vest has to fit snugly so it does not fall off. When you grow more you get another vest. The first vest is free." Julie looked in a box and fished around in it before pulling out a green and silver watch. Julie took back the white watch and put it in a box. 
    "Now you can check out your locker before tomorrow. You have time right?"
    "Yeah, I have time... uh, I have a locker?"
    "Yes, you have a locker. Every agent has one to keep their vest and equipment in. To call people with the watch, hold down this button and say the persons code name."
    "Oh, I get it, like this." Jessica held down the button and said "Star". Julie's watch beeped. Julie's watch was gold and white.
    "Yes Jessica, exactly like that." Julie gave Jessica a small remote with one button.
     "What is this for?" asked Jessica. 
    "You go to locker 38, hold down the button and say Jessica . The locker is voice activated. You don't do it with the remote every time, just the first time so the machine remembers it."
    "Cool!" said Jessica. 
    "To get there you leave this room and find the door in the computer room labeled 'Locker Room'."

(maybe, bwaa ha ha!)

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